How to Prevent WhatsApp from Eating your Data Plan

In today’s technological advancement of the world there is no space without internet. Internet has become a part and parcel of human’s life. The day starts with reading news also on the phone to sending text messages to people all around the globe. There are so many apps installed on every device of the user that the data consumption is rising for everyone. Whatsapp is that one app which will be found on every user’s phone. Hence it becomes necessary to prevent it from using our data plan to as low as possible. There are several ways available to us in which we can limit our data plan and reduce its usage. Here are the few ways in which we can do so. You can automatically save your data from WhatsApp by using third party WhatsApp mods like YOWhatsApp.

By changing the whatsapp settings :

  • To prevent the app from eating up your data and limiting its usage we can change the whatsapp settings from its app.
  • Open whatsapp>> click on the three spots present on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Select data and storage usage and then turn the check box on for low information use.

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  • Also other methods to prevent the usage of data includes turning off the automatic download of media files like images, videos, gifs or audios sent to personal or group chats.
  • The data usage can be reduced and minimized to a great extent if we set up a limit on the mobile data usage of everyday. This will keep a check every day that it does not exceed that limit and stays within it keeping a control over it. This way we can reduce huge amount of our data on a daily basis too and it would also be less expensive to the user.
  • Whatsapp is also used by people when they are being busy on calls. Its usage should be limited and set to the minimum so that the data is controlled on a higher level. This app allows the user to change from the settings such that less data is being consumed when on call and in that way the data gets compressed too. Users can try this technique once by trading off with the quality and if not satisfied they can get back to the default settings of the app.

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  • User should avoid download of heavy files because it not only eats up the data but also takes up a lot of space in the internal memory of the phone which is not at all desirable.

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  • Also the settings of the phone should be changed such that if there is known Wi-Fi network then the phone should get connected to it automatically. In this way, the files can also be downloaded easily and also there would be no compromise between the qualities of calls too.
  • Auto back up of the chats and media should be turned off or should be maintained over Wi-Fi so that the data usage is limited and does not exceed a certain level.

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